On Site Support For Customers

At Elite Management Solutions we believe that on-site support for customers is vital. Client support is offered to our clients, dealers, distributors, etc. For solving problems regarding any of our services. We are committed to take care of each customer, from the initial meeting, through the installation and implementation of the services. Our associates are always willing to help our clients, where they show the best of our company: reliable, knowledgeable, ongoing maintenance, troubleshooting and technical support. Elite Management Solutions offers online support, where you can contact us through email, our website, or by phone.

Our consulting department will work with you directly to help you grow and succeed in your goals. Our experts will capture value across the different services or products offered in your company and will create strategies that deliver true results and achieve sustained growth. As a result, your company will grow in revenue, improve margins, and become notorious in the digital world. We invite you to contact our experts by submitting the form below:

Strategy & Innovation

We live in a world where what worked yesterday won’t necessarily work tomorrow, or next year. That’s why we help you develop a business strategy that will also work the year after and help you navigate this Transformative Age.

  • Unleash your potential by learning to think outside the box
  • Create a company culture that values creativity, agility, and rapid failure
  • Become a more effective leader who drives change
  • Better understand your customer and what they want

EMS Advisory can help your organization to make strategic planning a more valuable exercise. A great strategic planning process helps maximize an organization around its aspirational purpose and ensure you to have the highest chance of achieving a successful deal for your shareholders.


Sales & Marketing

EMS Consulting helps companies optimize their marketing and sales strategy to drive profitable growth by focusing on critical building blocks:

  • Supply specialized skills and expertise that a company lacks
  • Provide an external viewpoint to internal challenges
  • Prompt a new perspective on customers or marketing strategies
  • Allow a business to focus on product development and overall operations
  • Social media marketing and popular social media platforms
  • Search engine marketing and search engine optimization
  • Reputation management
  • Image and brand management
  • Consumer behavior and customer psychology

Supply Chain

EMS supply chain consulting services provide the experience, capabilities and insight to help clients create long-term end-to-end profitability by address key business issues such as:

  • Enabling growth, rapidly responding to changes in the marketplace
  • Configuring the Supply Network adapted to business needs
  • Accelerating time-to-market
  • Managing short term volatility
  • Drive competitiveness through
  • Reducing supply chain complexity
  • Inventory optimization
  • Reducing costs to improve profitability
  • Leveraging digital technologies to generate competitive advantage

Business Intelligence

EMS believes that Business Intelligence is vital for a company to succeed. Business intelligence (BI)sets theories, methodologies, architectures, and technologies that transform your raw data into meaningful and useful information for your business purposes.

  • Data-Driven Business Analytics
  • Data Visualization
  • BI Dashboards
  • Data Analytics & Reporting
  • Predictive Analysis

Turn complex data into comprehendible visuals, allowing you to communicate big ideas quickly, effectively, and in a way that’s easy to interpret.


Organizational Performance


At Elite Management Solutions we believe that our clients should focus on what they do best: Their core business. As a result, we offer management consulting services that focus on our client's unique reality. This is the reason why our experts will analyze your company's behavior and will go through your most critical issues to be resolved, and opportunities that will ensure your business growth.

  • Business planning
  • Contracting
  • Culture and Change
  • Talent management
  • Enterprise Agility and Design
  • Recommendations and Agreements

Free Consulting

The report will identify and review the key factors that influence the SEO and usability of your website. Also, it provides actionable tips for improving your website rankings & online visibility through SEO, social media usability, and much more.

International Market

Elite Management Solutions works to provide all the assistance needed by your company during the investment process. Our consulting services will guide you through the execution of international trading and its investment policies. Considering all the possible benefits, risks and requirements for import - export of materials, equipment, investment and more, Elite Management Solutions will guide you through a successful international trade, specialized in the market relationship between the United States and the many other countries.

Being one of the largest trading powers in the world, the importance of the American market knowledge resides in its demanding and competition to establish trade relations. Africa has become the fastest growing economy, encouraging investors from all over the world to invest. Elite Management Solutions has dedicated to the Africa - U.S. market, and guides investors through a successful import and export of materials, equipment, raw materials, vehicles, consumer products, among others. We establish criteria assessments and careful quality control directed to your product or service in Africa and the United States.

  • Back Office: everyday management services of your business, involving the receipt of correspondence, phone calls and others
  • Financial and Tax: Monitoring, sending all tax and tax liabilities, accounts payable, receivable, accounting and others.
  • Recruitment and Selection: human resources services with a view to eventual hiring and management of employees involved in your operations.
  • E-Commerce Management: Order Fulfillment for the entire logistics operation of your e-commerce business, from the reception to the dispatching of the goods.
  • Logistics and Distribution: Operational Support Services in short and long term, based on logistical importance for both for importers and for exporters.

Opportunities for your business

Prior opportunity identification is key when investing in other countries. What must be established before starting your business in the US? I am ready for international business? There is a good business opportunity abroad? Elite Management Solutions will help you answer and analyze these questions with certainty. Our experts will develop strategies that will help your business succeed in the United States and Africa, based on the prior identification of the opportunities available for your business in the continent. Some of the questions we first take care of are:

  • Am I ready for international business?
  • Is there a good business opportunity abroad?
  • What is the best way to find international partnership?
  • What are the risks for my business to go international?
  • What is the easiest international market for me to grow?
  • Why invest in the United States?

While some of these questions might seem easy to answer, when analyzed correctly, they involve more aspects that affect directly or indirectly your finances and the sustainability of your business in the United States. These aspects are key to the development of a strategy to get into the market, as well as to use each resource efficiently, that is if your business is ready to start and get into the Africa or U.S market. We invite you to contact us now and learn which opportunities are available for your business in the United States or Africa.


Public and Private Investment Projects

Get the best answers in investment in companies and in the financial market. We help your company in the development of research aimed for investment solutions and financial opportunities in the US. Get the best answers in investment in companies and in the financial market. A development of research is aimed in developing investment solutions and financial opportunities in the US, indicating the best alternatives and solutions across the investment cycle. To learn more about how to invest wisely in the US, contact us today by sending a message through our contact form.

  • Direct Approach
  • Indirect Approach
  • Hybrid Approach
  • Business Acquisition

Planning and Organizing Support Services

Investing in a new market can be tedious. At Elite Management Solutions, we provide our customers with a series of steps that will guide them through the investment process in the U.S. and Africa markets. This step will enhance your business and are designed and developed specifically for each business. Some of these steps include but are not limited to:

  • Creating a company: Opening your company and recording all relevant information including licenses, if necessary, for its operation.
  • Physical and Fiscal Domicile: We provide the tax address for all your business operation in the U.S., as well as the physical facilities needed for its operation.
  • Financial Services: Support and follow-up of financial situations, including obtaining bank accounts for handling and credit.
  • Financial Services: Support and follow-up of financial situations, including obtaining bank accounts for handling and credit.
  • Market Research: We develop the necessary research and feasibility studies on the potential of your business in the USA and Angola. This research can identify the strengths of your product, which ones should be improved, satisfaction surveys, identification and price competition in the U.S. and Angolan markets, and more.
  • Strategic Planning: All steps are detailed planned and will indicate the way to move forward with your business.
  • Partner Search: direct or indirect partners that may add up as representative’s suppliers, distributors and even investors.
  • Know the Law: Learn how to work the legal issues in the US market: its policies, licenses and permits required for your business viability.

Accounting and Tax Advisory

Elite Management Solutions offers a wide range of services that cover not only income taxes but payroll and accounting. When starting a business in the U.S Market, taxes can become tedious. Elite Management Solutions offers payroll and taxes support for their clients, which helps you dedicate entirely to your core business. Our accounting professionals will help you reduce potential review comments from audits, allowing more timely financial statement closing.

Covering all your needs in financial services in the US.

Our accounting and taxes services covers many areas. Elite Management Solutions is committed to make your business succeed and offer the following services that will make your business successful, and with a good stand.

  • Custom tax consultation
  • Income tax in Angola and USA
  • Guidance for issuing invoices (invoice)
  • Preparation of Accounts Plan
  • Declaration of State and Federal income tax (individuals)
  • Declaration of State and Federal income tax (corporate)
  • Collection and Transfer of Government Taxes
  • Request ITIN Number
  • Calculation and payment of FIRPTA (Tax on Foreign Investment in Real Estate)
  • Employee Payroll

Contact Us today to start learning how this and other services will boost and improve your experience when dealing with international markets.


Marketing Plan and Advice

It is common to notice how the misconception of what a marketing plan consists of affects the strategies and goals of a business in marge to an international market.

A Marketing Plan is a structured written document that defines commercial objectives to be achieved in a determined period, where it also details strategies and actions to be taken to achieve goals in a determined deadline.

The principal objective by which a Marketing Plan must be done is to achieve the business’ general goals that are related to the market trends, where attracting new customers, creation of a brand, customer loyalty, and improvement of sales will increment the participation of a company in the international market.

The Marketing Plan is essential for any of the company’s processes and efficient profitability commercialization of any product or service. The importance of the Marketing Plan resides in its strategies and direction to take in order to succeed. Trying to make a project successful without having a Marketing Plan is the same as navigating in a stormy sea without any marine chart or clear destination. Some steps that comprise the marketing plan are:

  • Describe and explain the current status of the product.
  • Specify the results wanted (Objectives)
  • Identify the resources needed (Financial, time, and skills)
  • Summary of situation’s analysis.
  • (SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats)
  • Market Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy.
  • Analysis of the 4P’s (Product, Promotion, Place, Price)
  • Implementation
  • Financial summary.

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