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Engage with your customers with a new digital experience. Our Digital Signage Solution is a software designed for all type of companies, that helps businesses advertise directly to their customers through digital screens.

What Is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is a highly powerful and flexible communication method: a dynamic signal (screen) that shows digital media to a public audience. The digital signage software works through an Internet connection, delivering multimedia content to digital screens. Use digital signage to increase your income, reduce your costs and strengthen your brand.

A New Trend for your business

Interact with your customers with a new digital experience. Advertise directly to your customers through digital screens. Our team of experts will guide you with positioning, style and video and image editing capabilities: A complete solution.

How Does The Software Work?

Digital signage software is the brains of a digital signage system. To get started, you’ll need the cloud-based software, a digital signage player and a commercial-grade screen.

The cloud-based software can be accessed via a standard web browser. Once you get the player online (via wifi or a wired connection), it will automatically connect with the software to download content and send it to the screens via HDMI or DisplayPort. You can manage one or multiple displays – all playing the same or different content – from one simple login.

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Supported Device Platforms

With the range of device platforms and operating systems supported, there is a device for almost every use case.

This variety of device platform support offers users complete flexibility to build a digital signage network tailored to the experience required for each point of engagement.

Need Installation? No Worries!
A complete solution, including connecting you with technicians that will install your digital screens.

Digital Screens For All Type Of Businesses!

Digital Signage Solution is a software designed for companies like yours. We have adopted our software platform and customized it with the best features and designs for companies such as restaurants, hairdressers, medical fields, education, tax offices, spas, bars and more!

  • Easy to install
  • No technical knowledge is required
  • A wide variety of templates to choose from
  • Designed for all types of businesses
  • No contracts or commitments


Supported Players Platforms

With the range of device platforms and operating systems supported, there is a device for almost every use case.

This variety of device platform support offers users complete flexibility to build a digital signage network tailored to the experience required for each point of engagement.

Our Players


Increase Of

EMS digital signage brings the personality of your brand to life. By drawing attention to your brand and the promotions you are running, you can further influence the purchase decision to drive impulse purchases.

Keep Your Business Updated

Changing your business experience is now easy. New promotion? New season? Surprise and delight your members to see what is new again.

Show Your

There are many new consumers who may have concerns or uncertainties about some products, whether in relation to the shopping experience or consumption itself. Educate your customers about your products.

Your Content In Control

Our team of experts can remotely manage your digital signage content, so you don't spend time learning and changing your content. We have a specialist who will do the work for you. Our digital signage platform allows us to update as many screens as you want. Within ten seconds of performing an update, your content will update!

The Types Of Digital Signage We Offer

We offer a comprehensive set of digital signage software solutions, including digital menu boards with award-winning graphics and CGI animation that make your menu come alive for customers. Dynamic screens promote high-margin add-ons, feature seasonal items and activate impulse buying for maximum ROI. Click below for more information on how Mood digital menu boards can help your restaurant boost sales and transform the customer experience.

Bring the surprise factor to your business and create an experience that your customers will never forget. Whether you want tiled screens with multiple screens, large single unit systems or an intermediate solution, we have covered everything you need to make a lasting impression: hardware, software and installation. Get big with our video wall.

Improve communications with staff and get their attention with our Back-of-House digital signage.
Recognize a job well done, show job publications and safety tips, share human resources information or simply provide quality entertainment in the rest room: We have it covered with cost-effective solutions that will constantly involve and inform your staff.

As well as general news, let’s get your displays really specific. RSS feeds are the gateway to unlocking any content you like. From Buzzfeed, to your company blog to specialized news from your niche.

The most obvious is social media. If you invest your efforts in social media, why not use this to bring your digital screens to life too? Social media is a rich way to bring customer testimonials, product information and the latest news into your physical location. It helps pair your online reputation with your offline one, building credibility and helping customers to see where they can find you after they leave.

Starting A New Signage Project?

Let us help you discover the hardware, software and content needed for your digital signage project.

Clear And Simple Pricing

You can request an account today and enjoy a free 30-day digital signage trial and if you are convinced that our digital signage is the right software for you, simply pay monthly or annually for a registered device to continue using the signage digital signage.

Our Pricing

Signage by Industry

Whether your business is involved in retail, food, medica, etc., we have digital signage solutions that enable you to communicate effectively with your clients and get the results you want. Increase awareness, viability, and revenue with greater flexibility at lower cost than traditional print, radio and television advertising.

Digital signage solutions for corporate communications is one of the fastest emerging trends. Keep internal company communication strong and efficient.

Retailers can raise shopper engagement tremendously by personalizing their offerings with digital signage technology. Turn your shoppers into customers and your customers into fans!

Our digital signage restaurant solution can permanently replace your old-fashioned static advertising for less than you'll spend in six months for print menus and signs.

Digital signage solutions in supermarkets can help increase sales, provide additional sources of revenue, reduce costs and build customer loyalty!

Give your marijuana store a technological and professional advance according to the current modern era, place your dispensary in the top! Innovative, attractive, captivating and processional presentation that match your brand.

Digital Signage for Medical Clinics is an efficient and dynamic solution to improve the way information is disseminated in its facilities, waiting rooms and lobby. where they can promote our service, sales and general information for patients.


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